Bertil Leidner

I am a physician, specialized in radiology since the 80´s, formerly working at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. Working with images of the human body as a radiologist is a fascinating trip. The daily work is about creating images that will help to diagnose all kinds of diseases and injuries. Contrasting to this background I also have a fascination of the beauty in the images themselves, where they actually may stand out as individual pieces of artwork. I also have a history of photography since the late 60´s and a longstanding interest in modern art and glass. I have now merged these interests with my professional everyday imaging.
My prime focus is to work with image combinations, both with medical images blended with photos, but also with montages based solely on digital photography in advanced image processing. I am also focused on imaging nature sometimes with a surrealistic touch.
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DOC @ Kameradoktorn

Bertil Leidner,

bildkonstnär, radiolog och fotograf

Utställning 22/8 – 27/9 2020 

I Coronatider förändras mycket av vårt vanliga liv, oklart hur länge och i vilken omfattning.
Därför känns det passande med en utställning med huvudtemat ”Vanishing” på en annorlunda utställningsplats.I ett skyltfönster hos Kameradoktorn, i hörnet av Birger Jarlsgatan 38/Eriksbergsgatan. Benämningen ”DOC @ Kameradoktorn” – doc – ”läkare” syftar på min bakgrund som röntgenläkare, vilket syns ibland då mina fotomontage ofta har inslag av 3D-röntgenbilder.


Om du är intresserad av att få information om kommande utställningar mm så skicka gärna din mailadress till . Du får då delta i en utlottning av min bild ”Life” i 35x50 cm storlek, printad på ”fine art watercolor paper - Hahnemühle Museum Etch 350 gsm”, utan montering.   
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Support the front line in the struggle to fight Covid 19/ the Corona virus!
I would like to support Doctors without borders, why I have created one international and one special edition of my image “Life”.
The image is a symbol of the continuation of life after the virus attack and a reminder for all of us to work for an open world. The image is created together with the Japanese Calligraphy artist Hisayo Oki.
Both editions consist each of 50 numbered and digitally signed images.
The international edition is digital only and made to download and to be printed sized 21x30 cm by the buyer. The price is a donation of a voluntary decided amount to
The special edition is printed in the size 35x50 cm on fine art watercolor paper - Hahnemühle Museum Etch 350 gsm, without mounting. It is delivered by surface mail and primarily intended for Sweden. The price is set to the self-cost of SEK 400 for the print and mailing together with a voluntary decided amount to 

Order by email to with your name, physical and e-mail address.
International edition payment by direct donation to doctors without borders, the numbered digital image will be e-mailed to you.
Payment for the special edition after confirming e-mail, where details will be provided. Estimated delivery 5-8 work days after confirmation.
/ Bertil Leidner

 For information and prices mail to
Lambda laser prints. Fuji Crystal Archive Paper.
Mounted on 5 mm plexiglass with aluminium back.
PREMIUM OPTION Now also available in glassmounting
For price please contact Bertil Leidner
tel:Bertil L +46706437118; tel:Madeleine L +46703463934
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